bathroom renovations

Give your bathroom a touch of glamour!

We are able to fully customize your bathroom to make sure it fits your personality, style and comfort.

Whether it’s a smaller upgrade to the existing bathroom space or something more dramatic in scope, we can do it all, do it extremely well, on time and on budget. As with any renovation project, there will always be some disruption, but another critical aim of Keith Hunter Builders is to minimise disturbances as much as is humanly possible.

Bathroom Make Over NZ Wide

We are committed to producing quality workmanship and innovative bathroom design through our unique approach to renovation. Our attention to detail and job coordination are key to a well-planned bathroom.

transform your bathroom

We bring your ideas to life

Give your bathroom a touch of glamor with our bathroom renovation solutions. We can bring you the best bathroom makeover ideas, blending creativity, cost effectiveness and experience.

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  1. Complete bathroom renovations
  2. Supply and installation of all components
  3. Sourcing and delivery of all materials
  4. Project management & coordination
  5. Tiling
  6. Bathroom flooring renovations

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If you have a few ideas that you would like to incorporate, we would be happy to customise our bathroom renovation solutions. We take great pride in our ability to make ordinary bathrooms extraordinary.

When it comes to tiles and flooring, there are endless design options, we can help you wade through the choices and come out the other side with fantastic and lasting results. There’s also a lot that can go wrong if your bathroom tiling or flooring isn’t installed correctly. Keith Hunter Builders takes particular pride in these keys aspects of bathroom renovation, ensuring a flawless install.

Whether you need a complete top-to-bottom bathroom renovation, including custom vanities and cabinets, or are just looking to spruce things up and update, we’ll handle your remodeling project with the utmost of care.